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The Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro

Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro is between July and September, pleasantly warm in the day with low rainfall. Trails are more crowded (less so in September) but it’s migratory season for wildlife, so great for adding on a safari afterwards. However Kilimanjaro can be climbed all year-round - even the short rainy seasons (March through to May, and November and December) don’t inhibit trekking, and brief showers can be refreshing on the trail. January to early March is another popular time. It still gets chilly in the mornings and evenings (Uhuru Peak’s nighttime temps are between -7 to -29°C), but that’s the case whatever time of year you go.

1. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in January:

January has lesser rainfall and it is the warmest season and is also a peak season. With the right Kilimanjaro Gear List even the beginners can climb the summit despite high traffic.

2. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in February:

February is one of the Best Months To Climb Kilimanjaro as it is warmer and the cloud is also less. You can choose Lemosho Route for excellent scenery from the summit and on the route.

4. Climbing Kilimanjaro in April:

The April month will give you amazing views if the clouds are clear as it rains the entire month. You can take the Marangu Route. The rocks are completely wet and slippery whole month and the climb is tough.

5. Climbing Kilimanjaro in May:

May is a little drier year than normal and also wetter month for climbing Kilimanjaro. Choose the Machame Route as the temperature is Moderate and rainfall is high with high cloud and low crowd and the scenes are amazing.

6. Climbing Kilimanjaro in June:

In June Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is tough as temperature is freezing or below freezing. It is definitely not the Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro.

7. Climbing Kilimanjaro in July:

The number of people climbing Kilimanjaro in the month of July increases with wide range of reasons. However, the weather can be still colder but you will have great mountain views.

8. Climbing Kilimanjaro in August:

August is the favourite month of many trekkers and is probably the best time of year to Climb Kilimanjaro. It can be a dry and dusty month as there is less rainfall now. During August, the temperature is cold and rainfall is low with low cloud and high crowd.

9. Climbing Kilimanjaro in September:

This is also the Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro, as it has the great weather and it is also warmer high up above 5,000 m. During September, the temperature is Moderate and rai fall is low with low clouds and high crowds.

10. Climbing Kilimanjaro in October:

October is also a Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro it is warmer at the mountains now. During October, the temperature is Moderate and rainfall is low with medium clouds and also medium crowds.

11. Climbing Kilimanjaro in November:

November can be a challenging month with more rainfall and considered as mini rainy season. During November, the temperature is moderate and rainfall is high with medium clouds and low crowd.

12. Climbing Kilimanjaro in December:

December may give you an opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro as the rainfall is decreased. During December, the temperature is Moderate and rainfall is medium with medium clouds and also medium crowds.

Best Time To Go

If you are planning for Kilimanjaro Climb, then you must think of the best time to hike majestic Kilimanjaro. What is the best time to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? One of the best times for a Tanzanian trek vacation on Mount Kilimanjaro is in the warm months of January and February when clear skies afford excellent views of superb scenery, especially from the upper slopes; though, expect some snowfall during this period. Choosing your time to climb is a very personal balancing act. You need to weigh your objectives against your personal fitness and climbing or trekking experience.
You are more likely to gain the summit in warm, dry weather, since cold, rain, ice, snow and mud demand a lot from your body. They make tracks and paths slippery and deplete your energy levels.

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